Design Approach

In-Situ: to put something in its natural or original place. This is our intention – forming an architecture rooted in its context, becoming a part of it, creating memorable buildings in harmony with the environment, the light and air, sound, views, communicating with its surroundings - the field, the sky, the natural and urban landscape - integrated and respectful.


Twelve key factors guide our design and decision making process. Each influencing the other to form a fitting solution.


Client as catalyst, listening to and interpreting their needs, desires and objectives.

User as participant, understanding and supporting the occupants experience.

Context as invitation, providing clues, which the architecture must relate to.

Purpose as meaning, searching for the underlying essence of the project.

Principles as strategy, formulating the ideas that will infuse the composition.

Elements as objects, determining the components that will define and shape the form.


Program as organizer, mapping the relationships and boundaries.

Codes as law, accounting for and integrating requirements and restrictions.


Capital as resource, embracing the limits of time and money.

Material as substance, selecting to perform and evoke.

Systems as synergy, integrating suitable materials with appropriate technologies.

Fabrication as making, simplifying process to produce optimum assemblage.


The Architecture we create is a product of the dialogue between these twelve factors - each as a complement to the other fusing together to form the spaces ,building and place.


The Architectural Language we speak is an expression of the shared values the stake holders agree to communicate. The purpose of the language is to strike a tone which resonates the desired mood, feeling and experience the building wants to convey.


Whether for private or public usage, we seek an architecture that fulfils the purposes and passions of its owners, its users, and its visitors, that meets its context as an individual while contributing as a positive member of its community, that aspires to a harmonic world, but does so humbly and with grace.