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Café DeJena - Yikalo Warsai Building Oakland, CA.

Colored Texture

The Café DeJena project aspired to create a cafe experience that would reflect the character of the Eritrean cuisine. The intent of this café was to become a social gathering place for the Oakland Eritrean community. To set the tone, we employed the use of color, texture and pattern to highlight their indigenous culture. The vivid color is used to reflect the happiness and joy the people felt when they achieved their country’s independence.  The front surface of the service counter is formed out of rotated cut squares of cork to allude to the craft and tactile qualities of native baskets and textiles. 


Construction Type: VB | Occupancy: A3 | Sq. Footage: 1440 | Architects: Tuvia Poliskin AIA while at Kahn Design Associates